Fist/Pistol endgame healing guide

Hey everyone, Fist/Pistol is a favourite weapon combinations for a lot of endgame healers due to the utility that pistol can bring. It is a healing build I have been running since I got fairly geared from all the NM dungeon runs. This guide will explore the fist/pistol combo in detail.

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TSW Patch 1.1 Patch notes from Testlive

This is not the official 1.1. patch notes but it should serve a rough guideline of the changes coming in 1.1. The official ones will be linked here when it is ready. This is the patch notes from the Testlive forums, which everyone should have access to but not many know about it.

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Fist/Blood Healing Guide

Hey everyone, after I published my AR/Blood healing build, there has being some requests for me to make one for Fist/Blood combination as well. I have played this build quite extensively in elite dungeons and nightmare dungeons (cleared both Polaris and Darkness War with this build, for Inferno I switch to AR/Blood sometimes as it is a bit easier on the group healing required for that instance).

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Handy Addons/Mods for TSW

Hey everyone, I got a couple requests asking me what addons and mods I use when playing TSW and I thought I would give a list of them here and post some of my personal comments as well. The addons listed are in no order of preference and I will update this list as new addons are released.

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