TSW Elite Dungeon guide: The Facility

The Facility is the first new elite dungeon you will encounter (keep in mind that each of the 5 normal dungeons you ran while getting to QL10 also have an elite mode with the exact same mechanics).  The quest for it can be obtained at Besieged Farmlands although the entrance to it is located in Agartha like the rest of the elite dungeons. This dungeon is pretty rough for healers as you will need to heal through quite a lot of group damage in a short time. If you are running Blood Magic for heals, I definitely recommend picking up Cold Blooded, the elite active ability for this. Even though it has a 30 seconds cooldown, this heal saved my and my group’s butt more than a couple times. Think of it as groupwide Scarlet Arts with no resource cost.

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TSW Dungeon Guide: Hell Fallen

Hey everyone, Hell Fallen is the last normal dungeon in The Secret World. It is a dungeon located on the NE corner of the City of the Sun God. It is a dungeon designed for people in at QL8+ gear (the dungeon itself drops QL9 blue gear). None of the bosses are too difficult, both in terms of mechanics or general damage output. Tanks will need to have good AoE threat generation here as a couple of the fights will have you picking up groups of adds.


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TSW Dungeon Guide: Ankh/Pandora’s Box

Hey everyone, Ankh (quest is called Pandora’s Box) is a QL7-8 dungeon located in Scorched Desert. You can find the quest offered in the Orochi Retreat from Lisa Hui but the entrance of the dungeon is actually located a bit SE.This dungeon drops mostly QL8 blue gear and it is a rather fun one – there isn’t really any strict DPS checks except for one boss and none of them hit particularly hard. However, there is a fair bit of trash in this dungeon compared to previous ones, although they are still relative few compared to dungeons in other MMOs (where you spend most time clearing trash rather than fighting bosses!)

While having ranged DPS isn’t absolutely required, it will one of the boss fights here much easier.

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TSW- List of quests with clothing rewards!

Hey everyone, one of the things I find super neat about doing the quests in TSW is that quite a few of them give out  cool outfits appropriate for the quests you have completed. I know there are quite a few people who can’t be bothered doing all the quests so maybe this will give you a list of some quests you can target if you are in a hurry.

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Scorched Desert Quest Walkthroughs

Scorched Desert is the first Egypt zone. You gain access to it after you have completed Drown of the Night main questline from Kingsmouth and completed the required mission for your faction. It is a very sunny place, which is a nice contrast from the dark and glommy zombie infested Solomon Islands. Mobs here drop QL6 stuff and can be a bit easier than Blue Mountain in some parts.

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Blue Mountain quest walkthroughs

Blue Mountain is the 3rd and final zone in Solomon Islands. It is designed for players with QL5-6 stuff  – if you need QL6 weapons, you can  buy one for 50 Sequin of Solomon Island at the Council of Venice vendor slightly north of Old Joseph on the NW corner of the map.

There is one investigation mission – Win Win and one stealth mission – The Orochi group.

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TSW Dungeon Guide: The Darkness War

Hey everyone, the Darkness War is a dungeon located in Blue Mountains. This dungeon will require at least QL5 gear, especially on tanks and healers. There isn’t a lot of strict DPS checks like the last dungeon (except the last boss) but the tank damage is absolutely insane on some of the bosses here.

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