TSW Dungeon Guide: Hell Raised

Hey everyone, Hell Raised (also called Into the Inferno) is the second dungeon you will encounter in The Secret World. This dungeon is located in Savage Coast and require a gear requirement of QL4-5 for the normal version. It is recommended that DPS have at least QL5 weapon green weapon or QL3 blue weapon from Polaris as there is are some fights in there with some strict DPS check.

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TSW- Woman’s Fashion at London Pangaea

Hey everyone, while shopping for clothing at Pangaea, I noticed that there wasn’t an option to easily view clothes. You could preview the clothing by clicking on each individual item and select the preview button but that is rather tedious and you could miss out in some awesome clothing. Additionally, all the clothes are spread over seven vendors so you have no idea if another vendor has something better. I have decided to take screenshot of every individual women outfit available for sale at Pangaea and compile it into a pictorial catalog for easy viewing. Hopefully you will find this useful while shopping at Pangaea!

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Polaris Dungeon Guide

Hey everyone, Polaris or Dead in the Water is the first dungeon you will encounter in the Secret World. This dungeon can be accessed by talking to the Orochi group at the north most bridge in Kingsmouth. The quest you get is called Dead in the Water but the actual dungeon itself its called Polaris.

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TSW-Savage Coast Quest Walthrough

Hey everyone, Savage Coast is the next zone after Kingsmouth. It is designed for players with QL3-5 gear. The main feature of this zone is a creepy amusement park, a light house and a school filled with monsters. There are less puzzle quests here in this zone compared to Kingsmouth and some of them are fairly tedious and grindy (i.e. kill x, kill y, kill z)

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TSW–Kingsmouth Quest walkthroughs (Spoilers)

Hey everyone, Kingsmouth is the first little place you will start questing in The Secret World. Unlike traditional MMOs you might be used to, some of the quests are not really straight forward and requires some “researching” or hints to move it along. Below are walkthroughs for some of the quests on Kingsmouth that I find a bit difficult. Figuring out the quest by yourself can be a lot of fun so I try not to give out the answer right away. However, if you are looking straight for the answer, they are wrapped around in spoiler tags.

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