Patch 1.2

TSW Barbershop and Plastic Surgery feature in 1.2

TSW barbershop and TSW plastic surgeon are two of the new features coming with patch 1.2. The barbershop is  called Ockham’s Razor and it is located in the heart of London. This barbershop will allow you to change your hairstyles and makeups for some pax. The plastic surgeon is called Modern Prometheus and it is located in New York. The plastic surgeon will allow you to change your face for some pax (it will not change other body features).

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TSW–Patch 1.2 patch notes–Testlive

The patch 1.2 notes here are from the Testlive server. They tend to be more detailed than the actual live server patch notes but may contain changes not implanted in the final version of the live build. This page will be updated with update notes as they come off the testlive server. NOTE: these are not the final 1.2 notes, Funcom releases more patch updates as we approach the release date.

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