Scorched Desert Quest Walkthroughs

Scorched Desert is the first Egypt zone. You gain access to it after you have completed Drown of the Night main questline from Kingsmouth and completed the required mission for your faction. It is a very sunny place, which is a nice contrast from the dark and glommy zombie infested Solomon Islands. Mobs here drop QL6 stuff and can be a bit easier than Blue Mountain in some parts.

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Blue Mountain quest walkthroughs

Blue Mountain is the 3rd and final zone in Solomon Islands. It is designed for players with QL5-6 stuff  – if you need QL6 weapons, you can  buy one for 50 Sequin of Solomon Island at the Council of Venice vendor slightly north of Old Joseph on the NW corner of the map.

There is one investigation mission – Win Win and one stealth mission – The Orochi group.

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TSW-Savage Coast Quest Walthrough

Hey everyone, Savage Coast is the next zone after Kingsmouth. It is designed for players with QL3-5 gear. The main feature of this zone is a creepy amusement park, a light house and a school filled with monsters. There are less puzzle quests here in this zone compared to Kingsmouth and some of them are fairly tedious and grindy (i.e. kill x, kill y, kill z)

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