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GW2 Edges of the Mists Release Patch notes

GW2 Edge of the Mists release patch notes. Edge of the Mists was released on Feb 4, 2014.

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SWTOR Hardmode Czerka Core Meltdown flashpoint guide

SWTOR hardmode Czerka Core Meltdown flashpoint guide with explanations and videos of boss mechanics. Czerka Core Meltdown is a new flashpoint to be introduced in Patch 2.3 and is part II of the Titans of Industry duo.

General Information

Czerka Core Meltdown is the second flashpoint in Titans of Industry flashpoint series and continues the story left off by Czerka Corporate Labs. Like the first flashpoint, it also have three bosses. It has a more linear design as well.

Last boss drops Arkanian Ear or Implant.


Enhanced Duneclaw


This boss can be quite difficult if you are not sure of its mechanics.

  • Tank need stand next to the green generator once sandstorm comes up and drag Duneclaw to him.
  • Duneclaw will channel rampage, an AoE that originates from each player. This will destroy the generator and end the sandstorm but only if Duneclaw is directly on top of the green generator.
  • Spread out during Rampage to avoid overlapping damage.

When you see the text Sandstorm Simulation Activated on your screen, you will need to find a generator in the room that is lit up green (this is the generator causing the Sandstorm). The tank will need to run to the generator and drag Duneclaw to it. .


The reason for this is that very soon after Sandstorm activates, the boss will start channel Rampage. Rampage is an AoE attack that deals ~4k damage per second for 4 seconds. Unlike other AoE attacks, this one originates from every player. His rampage on top of the generator will destroy it and end the sandstorm.  Also, this means that players should spread out and not stack on each other as doing so can cause overlapping damage.


Enhanced Vrblther


This is largely a tank and spank fight with some additional mechanics thrown in.

  • Popping the Poisonous Spore near the boss will put a debuff on the boss (lasts 40s) that will increase the damage it receives.
  • At 80, 50, and 20%, three Bogwing adds will spawn and need to be taken care of.

Scattered around the room are four Poisonous Spores that you can use near the boss. If the boss is close enough, popping these spores will apply a debuff on the boss that increases the damage it receives from your party. This debuff lasts for 40 seconds so you will need to kite the boss around the room.


The spores do respawn so you don’t need to worry about running out of Spores due to low DPS.

Lastly, at 80%, 50%, and 20%, three Bogwing adds spawn and should be killed quickly by the DPS.


The Vigilant


This fight can be a bit difficult to heal through since the boss does random 10k attacks to group members in addition al adds and AoEs.

  • The Vigilant is not attackable until all 7 Data Integration Points (Cores) are destroyed. He will be shooting random group members for 10k damage with his Eye Lasers attack every few seconds until all 7 cores are destroyed.
  • Boss also target a random group member with a blue circle that turns orange. An Ion Blast follows shortly and ticks for 4k damage/second to anyone nearby.
  • Every time a core is killed, a couple adds will spawn and need to be killed.
  • Once all 7 cores are destroyed, boss will jump down. He has a pull with a Spin attack afterwards that you should avoid.

Inside the room are 7 Data Integration Points, which I will simply refer to as cores from now on. There are 4 in the inner ring and 3 in the outer ring that can be accessed by a teleporter once some inner cores are killed (for melee, ranged can kill them without using the teleporter). You cannot damage The Vigilant until these cores are killed. To make matters worse, everytime you kill a core, a couple adds spawn that you will need to deal with.


In addition to the data cores, you will need to pay attention to two other things: unavoidable 10k random hits from The Vigilant and AoE circles. The first is mostly up to the healer but positioning of the AoE circles will come down to your awareness. These circles will first be colored blue and follow you around for a few seconds. Soon after, they will turn orange and stop following you. You have a couple seconds before an Ion Blast lands in the orange circle. The Ion blast will persist as a lighting AoE that ticks for 4k/second to anyone nearby.


Finally, after you have destroyed all 7 Data Integration Points, The Vigilant will jump down and becomes attackable. He is mostly a tank and spank except for his Emergency Protocols (a pull) and Spin Attack (AoE) that you will need to run out to avoid.



TERA- Guide to crafting

Hey everyone, TERA’s crafting system is fairly complex and can be confusing to new players. With the free time I had in Closed Beta 3 (CB3) I thought I would give a try to the crafting and here is a little guide I have produced which I hope will help you out! I am going to cover the overall crafting, more detailed guides for specific crafting skills will be written in the future.


Priest vs Mystic–a comparison guide

Hey everyone, TERA North America Closed Beta 2 (CB2) drawn a close this weekend and I was fortunate enough to have time to level both a priest and mystic to the level cap for CB2 (level 27). I will give you some of my personal perspectives on the two healing classes in TERA up to level 27 and also some comparisons of the later abilities available for each class.


TERA Newbie’s Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone, I just got back from my first closed beta for North American edition of TERA and here are some tips and tricks that I wanted to share which I think might be helpful for a lot of new players looking to start out in the world of TERA.