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 used to love your rift dulfy’s cleric corner. Will be removing you from my bookmarks since you update once every 2 months now

 Yes very sad indeed. Dulfy was the bees knees when it came to Rift. I just can’t warm up to SWTOR the dev’s are just to amateur for my liking.

My rift guild died when swtor comes out and I lost interest in rift 🙁 It was a good game, I just got burned out 🙁

 No worries Dulfy there are free transfers and a tons of new content now so it’s worth coming back, it’s just a matter of time until your SWTOR guild dies /evilgrin. I got severely bored of SWTOR I really don’t have any faith in EA/BW I think it will just be another MMO designed and run by accountants and not gamers. Patch 1.2 will be broken. It’ll take another 3 or 4 months for 1.3 bookmark this and maybe prove me wrong later. =D

Patch 1.8 would like to say hai to u! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaA7wd14bqk

Good luck anyways we still link people to your cleric guides when people have cleric questions on our Rift forums 😉

 I’m replying to myself. Ahem see picture below. <3 I predicted this from patch 1.2 and this is the calm before the storm. Broken game is broken. 🙁

relax, it’s still ironing out some kinks, it’ll be a matter of time before it gets better. Only 4 months in and already people crying about it.

I played Rift for a while, while I liked the game, it lost too many clients too fast.  Honestly I attribute that to a healing factor – there was a distinct shortage of them so instances were hard to fill a group (que wait for non-healers was long).

They needed to take another page from WOW – the player mods in WOW made healing ergonomically practical for a higher percentage of player population, thus making class role play balance more sustainable.  Grid & Healbot made WOW millions by opening up a more difficult role to average players.

Oh and SWTOR has the same issue but even worse, with a 4 man group you need a 25% played healer ratio, whereas in Rift or WOW only 20% played was necessary to achieve role parity for minimal que times.

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