Endgame gearing Patch 1.3

Black Hole Comms and gearing in 1.3

Hey everyone, with Group Finder arriving in 1.3 to reward Black Hole comms for running Hardmode FPs and storymode tier 1 operations, obtaining black hole comms is quickly becoming a hotly debated topic, I have drawn up a little chart to show you exactly how much Black Hole Comms you can get per week when patch 1.3 arrives and how long you can expect the gearing up process to be.

Patch 1.3 SWTOR

PTS 1.3 Update 1–Changes to relics, augment kits, and exotech adrenals/stims

Hey everyone, PTS 1.3 Update 1 just arrived and here are some important changes that you might want to beware of.

  • Augment kits now requires slicing components
  • PvP Relics got a passive stat boost
  • Exotech adrenals & stims
Patch 1.3 SWTOR

New items/quests/PvP stuff and etc with 1.3

This post is for all the little stuff that they are adding with 1.3 they are too small to have their own posts 🙂

  • New Mount – Kurtob AllianceNEW High res screenshots!
  • Better target indicator
  • Better AoE indicator
  • Adaptive Armor
  • Nerf of on-use relic burst
  • New PvP pets (with pictures)!
  • New Warzone Adrenal
  • New weekly to kill world bosses
  • New green crystal schematics from daily comm vendors
crafting Patch 1.3 SWTOR

A look at the Augment Kits and Slots in 1.3

Hey everyone, I am sure you all know by now that there is a new way to add augment slots to gear in 1.3. I am going to walk you through the process currently on PTS right now so you will be well prepared once 1.3 lands on the live servers.

Patch 1.3 SWTOR

MCM 2012 Expo SWTOR Panel Transcript

Hey everyone, this is the transcript for the MCM Expo SWTOR Panel from London with Emmanuel Lusinchi , which occurred on May 26. This panel covered a lot of stuff relating to patch 1.3 and if you prefer to watch it in person, you can find it here. (Gamespot Twitch TV).