operations SWTOR

Operation Videos (sorc healer perspective)

Hey everyone, I have posted some of my operation (raid) videos here in case anyone is interested. If you are not raiding yet (or not planning to), this should give you a taste of what raiding is like in SWTOR. If you are raiding already, these videos should give you a different perspective (hopefully) than what you are doing.

My raid team is currently

  • 5/5 16 man Eternity Vault Normal
  • 4/5 16 man Karagga’s Palace Normal
  • 5/5 8 man Eternity Vault Hardmode
  • 5/5 8 man Karagga’s Palace Hardmode

Updated Jan 27: We are now 5/5 in both Hardmode Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault (8 man). Planning to hit up 8 man nightmare modes next week! Added new video for Soa – EV hardmode 8 man.

Updated – Feb 2: We are now 4/5 Nightmare EV and 4/5 Nightmare KP*. Videos for these nightmare kills have being added!

Check out my guildie’s youtube channel for viewpoints of assassin DPS in our nightmare kills!