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TSW-Nightmare Inferno/Hell Raised Guide

Hey everyone, Nightmare Inferno/Hell Raised is the second Nightmare dungeon in the series of three Nightmare dungeons that are available atm. None of the bosses here hit too hard (except the last boss) but most of them have AoE abilities that requires the healer to cope with. In addition, like normal or the elite version, a lot of the bosses here have strict DPS checks. We just killed the last boss tonight so the strat for Machine Tyrant is up!

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TSW Dungeon Guide: Hell Raised

Hey everyone, Hell Raised (also called Into the Inferno) is the second dungeon you will encounter in The Secret World. This dungeon is located in Savage Coast and require a gear requirement of QL4-5 for the normal version. It is recommended that DPS have at least QL5 weapon green weapon or QL3 blue weapon from Polaris as there is are some fights in there with some strict DPS check.

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