GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Jumping puzzles guides-Guild Wars 2

Here is a list of all the GW2 jumping puzzles in Guild Wars 2 with video tutorials and instructions on how to complete each of the puzzles.

GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Antre of Adjournment jumping puzzle guide

Guild Wars 2 Antre of Adjournment jumping puzzle. This is a jumping puzzle located in Malchor’s Leap (75-80 zone).


Puzzle start

This jumping puzzle can be accessed by running west of Pragga’s Waypoint and dropping down to the water just before the bridge. There is a circular looking structure with a hole, which you can enter and it leads you to a hidden area where you can start the puzzle.



The puzzle isn’t very hard and has little chests scattered along the path that give you cooking supplies. Thus, this is a good jumping puzzle to do daily just for the chests.

Video walkthrough