GW2 Crafted Armor Gallery

Guild Wars 2 Crafted armor gallery with high res in-game screenshots for armor made from tailoring, armorsmith, and leatherwork.

Patch 1.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 1.4 Dread Guard and Hazmat armor for agents and smugglers

SWTOR Patch 1.4 Dread Guard armor and Hazmat set stats for agents and smugglers. This new set is from Terror from Beyond, the new operation in patch 1.4 and features identical armor models and set bonuses as Campaign/Black hole set (although different color scheme).

GW2 karma

GW2 Temple/God karma armor sets

In Guild Wars 2 there are 6 temples in the Orr zones (70+) and each can spawn a karma vendor once captured that sells Temple/God exotic armor sets. These karma vendors sell  level 80 exotic armors for 42k karma per piece. Each vendor sell different armors, with different stats and set bonuses. This guide will point out the location of these vendors and the stats/rune of the armor that they sell.