GW2 Halloween

GW2 Behind the Mask achievement guide

GW2 Behind the Mask achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Behind the Mask is an explorer achievement released with the new Halloween patch. It is also a skritt burglar/treasure chest related achievement and therefore will have a number of possible locations within the zone. For this achievement, you will want to look for chests in Plains of Ashford, Diessa Plateau, Fireheart Rise and Fields of Ruin.


  • Press ctrl down while looking for these chests as it will highlight their names.
  • Best to do this with a friend so you can find the skritt burgler faster and reduce the waypoint costs
  • Do not use any pets/clones if possible as the skritt may transform your pet instead. This is especially a concern for rangers.
  • Focus on low damage attacks so you don’t kill the skritt burgler too quickly

Plains of Ashford (5 locations)

Plains of Ashford possible location #1 – NE of Cadem Forest

Location submitted by reader/redditor Ayesafaile, I was also able to get the achievement at this location.


Plains of Ashford possible location #2 – NW of Loreclaw Expanse

Redditor Kholdy found another possible location for the chest. This one is in SE Plains of Ashford.


Plains of Ashford possible location #3 – The Toppled Wall

Submitted by anonymous reader and Vertigo.NE of Ascalonian Catacombs entrance there is a tunnel with two ghosts (one veteran) at the end that will chat for a bit before attacking you. This tunnel might contain a chest.


Plains of Ashford possible location #4 – SE of Victor’s Presidium

Reader Nickchanger found a chest at this location on the SW portion of Plains of Ashford.


Plains of Ashford possible location #5 – Martyr’s Woods- Unverified

South of Martyr’s Waypoint


Fireheart Rise (5 locations)

Fireheart Rise possible location #1 – Toughstone

Reader Jayntree found a chest in Fireheart Rise NE portion (Toughstone area)


Fireheart Rise possible location #2 – Onager Bivouac

Reader Stoon and Xewell found the chest at this location on the NW portion of Fireheart Rise.


Fireheart Rise possible location #3 – Forge Plains

Reader Nameo found this chest in Fireheart Rise.


Fireheart Rise possible location #4 – Apostate Wastes

Try these caves filled with spiders and veteran spiders


Fireheart Rise possible location #5– Switchback Canyons


Diessa Plateau (4 locations)

Diessa Plateau possible location #1– Burrows of Moledavia – Unverified


Diessa Plateau possible location #2 – Incendio Templum

SE corner of Incendio Templum


Diessa Plateau possible location #3– Ruins of Oldgate


Diessa Plateau possible location #4 – Spider Nest Caverns


Fields of Ruin (2 locations)

Fields of Ruin possible location #1 – Thunderbreak Hills – Unverified


Fields of Ruin possible location #2 – Wildin Narrows


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