SWTOR Patch 1.5 & Free to Play Consolidated Info

Here is a list of all the information on related to the upcoming SWTOR Patch 1.5 and Free to Play option including information on HK-51, campaign armoring, cybertech schematics,dread guard relics, Section x dailies, detailed list of Cartel Market items, and other information relating to the FTP option.

Patch 1.5 and FTP option will be arriving on Nov 15.

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SWTOR patch 1.5 Section X dailies guide

A guide to the six new dailies introduced with SWTOR’s 1.5 patch on the Belsavis Section X area for both Empire and Republic. To get to Section X, simply catch a ride from Belsavis, Ilum or Black Hole shuttle and travel directly to Section X. There is no need to pick up any pre-quest on the fleet.

One thing that is interesting about these dailies is the repeatable bonus attached to quite a few of them. They often give out better credit rewards than the daily itself and one of the repeatable bonus even give out 3 daily comms. This makes doing them fairly worthwhile.

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How-to: Soloing heroic dailies (Empire)

This guide is written specifically for the Empire side but the strategy used here should work also for the Republic side.

Hello everyone, the heroic dailies on Belsaivs (2x Heroic 4+, 1 x Heroic 2+) and Ilum (1x Heroic 2+) can be a great way to make some credits (about 13 k credits) and daily commendations (3 commendations) for your Rakata implants/earpiece. If you play on a low population server or odd hours of the day it can be hard to find a group to do them. Luckily, if you have a geared out companion (healer or tank), you can solo all of these heroic dailies. Of course, you can also do all of them with a partner to make it even easier!

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