patch 2.3 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 2.3 Bounty Hunter event info

Some screenshots and information on the upcoming Bounty Hunter in patch 2.3 from the LA Cantina Tour provided by Phinn of Comfortably Numb on The Harbinger.These images are all located on a thumbdrive given to participants of the Cantina Tour.

patch 1.6 PvP SWTOR

SWTOR patch 1.6 Elite War Hero armor Bounty Hunter and Trooper stats

SWTOR Patch 1.6 Elite War Hero PvP armor stats for Bounty Hunters and Troopers. Relics are included on a separate page

Patch 1.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 1.4 Dread Guard and Hazmat armor set for Troopers and Bounty Hunters

SWTOR Patch 1.4 Dread Guard armor and Hazmat set stats for Mercenaries/Commandos/Powertechs/Vanguards This new set is from Terror from Beyond, the new operation in patch 1.4 and features identical armor models and set bonuses as Campaign/Black hole set (although different color scheme).