Fist/Pistol endgame healing guide

Hey everyone, Fist/Pistol is a favourite weapon combinations for a lot of endgame healers due to the utility that pistol can bring. It is a healing build I have been running since I got fairly geared from all the NM dungeon runs. This guide will explore the fist/pistol combo in detail.

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Fist/Blood Healing Guide

Hey everyone, after I published my AR/Blood healing build, there has being some requests for me to make one for Fist/Blood combination as well. I have played this build quite extensively in elite dungeons and nightmare dungeons (cleared both Polaris and Darkness War with this build, for Inferno I switch to AR/Blood sometimes as it is a bit easier on the group healing required for that instance).

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Bloody Assault–An AR/Blood Healer Build

Hey everyone, I started using an Assault Rifle/Blood Magic healing build early on and have got quite a few people asking me to post my build. I delayed this a bit as I wanted to see how this handles at semi end-game. As of the time posting this guide, I have successfully healed through all the dungeons on all modes except for Nightmare (defeated the Gatekeeper). I use a slightly modified version build for soloing and had no issues in most areas although the lack of cleanse is starting to get to me in late Transylvania.

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