Class guides Healer SWTOR

SWTOR Combat Medic Commando Healer Class Guide

A guide to SWTOR Combat Medic Commando Healing for PvE. Written and edited by Invinc and Vindrik of Harbinger. Updated for patch 2.6

Patch 1.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 1.4 Dread Guard and Hazmat armor set for Troopers and Bounty Hunters

SWTOR Patch 1.4 Dread Guard armor and Hazmat set stats for Mercenaries/Commandos/Powertechs/Vanguards This new set is from Terror from Beyond, the new operation in patch 1.4 and features identical armor models and set bonuses as Campaign/Black hole set (although different color scheme).

Endgame gearing Patch 1.2 SWTOR

1.2 War Hero armor–High resolution in-game screenshots

Hey everyone, I know you guys have being asking for high resolution images of the new War Hero PvP gear ever since you saw those previews I posted. Thankfully, in addition to purchasing them via ranked Warzone Commendations, you can also craft these as empty orange shells! This took me a couple days as I had to level a synthweaver on the PTS. Luckily my alt, who also got transferred (by mistake hehe) is an armormech so I didn’t had to level an armormech as well.