Useful Links & Guides for starting out in SWTOR

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Hey everyone, with the launch of SWTOR early game access, we saw tons of guides from the collective knowledge of the player population. The aim of this guide is to direct you towards some of the good ones I found!

General Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks from Beta

I wrote this guide. It is pretty general but if you are just starting SWTOR it is worth a read!

Compiled List of Tips – MMO champion


Comparing the three healing classes- MMO champion

If you are undecided on which healing class to go, this article/guide is a very good read to give you a taste of each.

Taugrim’s advanced class videos & streams (PvP)

Taugrim is a star in the MMO PvP world. His narrated videos are very instructive and definitely a good place to check out if you are into PvP.

PVE Endgame class guides – Nexus Guild

Some good class guides with theorycrafting included. Jedi side only.

SWTOR class guides at Massively

Massively have some general introductory guides to some classes if you want to get a flavor of these classes. They are a quick read, helpful if you are undecided which class you want to play.

Sith Sorcerer Guide – SWTOR forums

Fairly detailed guide covering everything from basic skills, gearing to companions. Good starting place.

Jedi Sage Guide – SWTOR forums

Guide for the Republic Side.

Sith Assassin Gude – SWTOR forums

Beginner’s Guide to Juggernaunt Tanking – SWTOR forums

Very detailed!

Beginner’s Bouty Hunter FAQ and Guide – SWTOR forums

Operative Guide – Forcejunkies

Only covers the Medicine/Lethality trees, most for those who like to heal.

Sniper Guide – swtorsniper

Very detailed blog with lots of information covering all aspects of Sniper.

Jedi Guardian Tanking Guide – SWTOR forums

Mostly a summary/commentary of the Guardian abilities/talents.

Jedi Consular Stuff Index – SWTOR forums

A good post with a link to a whole bunch Jedi consular guides, from healing to tanking.

Jedi Shadow’s Guide – SWTOR forums


Crew Skills

In SWTOR, Crew Skills are divided into Crafting, Gathering, and Mission skills. You can have a max of 1 crafting skill for your character but for gathering and mission skills, the maximum limit is 3.

The first thing I have is a picture showing you what crew skills goes with what and what makes what.  I found this one really handy!


General Guide to Crew Skills – SWTOR forums

Super handy guide, have pretty much all the basic info you need to know, including what crafting skills goes well with your class and what advantages your different companions offer in terms of crafting.

What to make to level your crafting skills to 400- SWTOR forums

This is a super handy spreadsheet showing you what to make to get to 400 in your respective crafting crew skills.


Companion list, crew skill bonuses, and gift preferences – SWTOR forums

Like the title says, this link will give you all the companions available to every class, what crew skill bonuses they offer and what gifts that like. Beware that if you don’t like spoilers, then you probably should not visit this link as it shows all the companions you get in the game.


Datacons are special collectibles that you can collect that give you either permanent ability bonuses or matrix shards used to make item modifications. They are scattered all over but luckily there are quite a few guides showing you where you can get them.


Nice guide showing you all the possible datacons and how to get them, including screenshots of their location.

Loot drops from flashpoints/operations


Sorts loot according to zone/class so you can drool at them! Loot links are from TorHead.


Introduction to Flashpoints – Darth Hater

Good introduction to SWTOR flashpoints with a brief description of each and level range.

Skill Calculator

Skill calculator- TorHead

Given the popularity of its skill calculator on Rift, this skill calculator will probably be the one most used.

Skill calculator – DarthHater

Alternative to the TorHead version.


Warzone introduction – Massively

Warzones don’t need much introduction but if you want to read up about it, here is a short and quick read.