GW2 Halloween

GW2 Forgotten Stream achievement guide

GW2 Forgotten Stream achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Forgotten Stream is a new achievement added with the Halloween patch and it is located in Cursed Shores.

Behind the Cathedral of Verdance is a is a river and there is a semi hidden path you can go through, The door at the end of the path is locked there are plenty of fast respawning risen along the way. Bring a friend if you don’t feel confident soloing all the risens. No chest here but you will get the Forgotten Stream achievement near the locked door.


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GW2 karma

GW2 Cursed Shore Karma vendor list

GW2 Cursed Shore Karma vendor list. Cursed Shore is a L80 zone in Orr. While this zone does not have any tasks/hearts, it does have 8 karma vendors that sell Fine/Mastercraft L80 gear for karma. This list does not include the temple karma vendors that sell armors for 42k karma per piece.