Loot list operations Patch 1.5 SWTOR

SWTOR Operation Loot table–Patch 1.5

SWTOR Operation Loot table for Patch 1.5. This loot table contains all the drops from bosses in Eternity Vault, Karagga’s Palace, Explosive Conflict, Asation, and the two L50 World Bosses. Table/chart compiled by Taraq of Vanjervalis Chain.

Loot list operations SWTOR

Terror from Beyond TFB loot table

Loot table for Terror from Beyond TFB operation in Patch 2.0 with loot table for storymode and hardmode.

Dungeon guides endgame TSW

TSW Nightmare dungeons Loot table

Hey everyone, this is a Nightmare dungeon loot table & drops list for TSW. Included are Nightmare Polaris, Darkness War, Hell Raised, Ankh, and Hell Fallen. Hover over each drop to see their stats. If you see a drop not on this list and would like to submit it, simply write in the comments section below with the mob it dropped off and a screenshot of it. Special thanks to Shiva/Double-Dash for some of the drops info!

Endgame gearing Flashpoints Loot list SWTOR

Hardmode Flashpoint Loot list

Last Updated April 13 to Include Patch 1.2 Info.