GW2 Cleaning Up the Neighborhood Separatist Propaganda achievement guide

GW2 Cleaning Up the Neighborhood achievement guide with map and location of all 41 Separatist Propaganda you need to tear down for this new Explorer achievement added with July 9 patch.

GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Scavenger’s Chasm Malchor’s Leap jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Scavenger’s Chasm jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Scavenger’s Chasm is a lengthy jumping puzzle in Malchor’s Leap that requires significant time investment. The terrain can also be a bit confusing for those trying the puzzle for the first time.


Puzzle start

The puzzle starts at south end of Malchor’s Leap, east of Valley of Lyss. The nearest waypoint is probably Pagga’s Waypoint as the one closest to the puzzle is often contested. You will need to run through quite a bit of undead to get to the location indicated by the arrow. From there, you will want to stand in the location where my character is standing and then aim for that ledge that pokes out of the wall.


Once you get on the ledge, you can just drop down and head into a cavern that opens up to the puzzle area.


Puzzle Walkthrough


Due the lengthy and tricky nature of the puzzle, it is hard to describe this puzzle in detail with words and pictures. Please consult the video and follow it, it should explain the puzzle.

GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Sapphire, Garnet, and Emerald Sanctum Borderlands jumping puzzle guide

GW2 jumping puzzle guide for Sapphire Sanctum, Garnet Sanctum, and Emerald Sanctum jump puzzles in WvW Borderlands. These puzzles are also called Mistwrought Vaults.Full explanations and video walkthrough are provided. All three achievements are referring to the jumping puzzle on the NW portion of each borderlands. The puzzle is identical for every borderlands but each provides a separate achievement. Note that since this is a jumping puzzle in WvW, you can expect some griefing by enemy players. Not all enemy players are hostile as some are just trying to finish the puzzle and may not attack you unless you draw first.

Puzzle Start

All three puzzles are identical and therefore start at the same location. There is a cave at the indicated location.


Enter the cave and take a left as soon as you can. You will see a waterfall but don’t jump down yet! Instead, follow the path and take a path to get up.


Once you make it to the way to the top, you will want to take a big leap of faith and jump down towards  the waterfall. Don’t worry, the jump isn’t hard and there is something to catch you behind the waterfall.


Puzzle walkthrough


You will need to acquire two sections of a key: top half and bottom half and then unlock a door not far from the entrance. There is a way to quickly get the bottom half of the key once you have the top half if you can make the jump. Otherwise, you will need to start from the waterfall again for the bottom half but luckily there is a shortcut available.

Top Half of the key

As soon as you land, make these jumps. The jump to the big log is a bit sketchy so try not to fall off.


Once you are on the log, follow it up and make this jump here.


On your left you will see the vault door that you can open once you have both sections of the key. Hug the left wall as there are some oozes on the right that you can skip if you hug the left wall.


Make this jump here and then jump down the hole at the end.


Falling down will take you to this rock here, and then you can make the following jumps. Beware that the first jump is not easy and you may fall down into the water and have to start over. Use swiftness here if possible.


Keep following the rock platforms. There are two jumps along the way (near the end) that are worth mentioning. The first is this jump on the picture below to the left. You will want to jump from where the red arrow is rather than the white arrow as the white arrow is actually a longer jump that you may not make it. The second is this jump soon after. You won’t make it to the rock at the top as it is too far. Instead, jump to the ledge at the left.


At the end of the ledge is this super sketchy vine that you will need to cross and that should bring you to the chest for the top half of the key.


Bottom half of the key

There is a way to get to the path for the bottom half of the key quickly from the chest for the top half. It involves making this jump. It is a tricky jump that most people simply edge themselves off the cliff to land on the branch below. You can do this as well but beware that you may fall through the crack between the branches.


What worked for me is to simply turn myself around and then drop down. This should land you on the branch. Once you are on the branch just follow it to the cave.


If you didn’t make that jump.. read here under the spoiler tags for a shortcut to make it back. You will need to start again at the waterfall.

Spoiler Inside Show

Traverse through the cave, make these jumps and then jump through the rock pillars to make it across the canyon. Once you are across, kill the oozes on the other side and then run to end of the ledge


Once you reach the end of the ledge, slide down and hopefully you will land on the rock outcropping.


Then make this jump to the otherside. The jump is easier than it looks.


Once you are across, you get up to the top by jumping on the small rocks.


Once you have both halves of the key, just run to the Mistwrought Vault door you encountered earlier on your way to retrieve the top half of the key.

GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Professor Portmatt’s Lab Bloodtide Coast jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Professor Portmatt’s Lab jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Professor Portmatt’s Lab is a jumping puzzle on the western portion of Bloodtide Coast, beneath an island called Sorrowful Sound. There isn’t any jumping involved in this puzzle. Instead, you have to solve a crazy asura’s puzzle.

Puzzle Start

Head to Sorrow’s Waypoint and swim west towards Sorrowful Sound. You will see a glass looking structure deep in the water. Swim towards it. If you can’t get past the windows, wait a second or two and the windows will disappear.


Puzzle walkthrough


Step 1: Clear out the lighting turrets in the room. They like to shoot lighting balls at you while you attempt the puzzle. If you are lazy, just clear out the ones near the console and ignore the ones in the back.

Step 2: Destroy the lighting post. This will allow you to use the console nearby.


Step 3: Use the console.. when you get this stage, don’t click on abort, just wait and dialogue will continue. You do have to click pretty fast once you get to the 2nd dialog window below as otherwise the console will auto-abort and you will need to kill the lighting post again.


Step 4: Solve the console at the right. NOTE that you cannot go through the portal someone else set. You have to set the portal yourself or wait for the other person to get to the puzzle chest and transmit their coordinates to the portal.


The solution is posted on the wiki but I re-wrote it as I found it pretty confusing the first time I went through it.

You will find three buttons on the side along with a sequence of three numbers. The correct sequence is


By using the buttons, you will need to adjust the numbers to match the sequence and then go into the portal. Changing numbers is a matter of clicking the buttons but you have to becareful which buttons you use as each button changes more than one number in the sequence. 

There are three possible numbers for each part of the sequence, listed in increasing order.

1st position 2nd position 3rd position
2.xx.xx 28.xx 0.01xxx
8.xx.xx 49.xx 0.02xxx
14.xx.xx 65.xx 0.03xxx

There is a very simple trick for solving this puzzle:

a) Change the 2nd position in the sequence to 49.xx by using the middle button (use Enhance anti-grav field fabrication if the 2nd position number is 28 or Reduce rampulative induction if the 2nd position number is 65). If it is already 49.xx, then skip this step.

b) Check the 1st position in the sequence, if it is not 14.xx.xx do the following

On the middle button, press Enhance anti-grav field fabrication. Now go to the bottom button, click on Boost magneto-harness magnitude. This will change 1st position number to something else while keeping the 2nd position number the same (49.xx). If the 1st position number is still not 14.xx.xx, then do this one more time and it should set it to 14.xx.xx.

c) Check on the 3rd position in the sequence, if it is not 0.02xxx do the following

On the middle button, press Enhance anti-grav field fabrication. Now go to the top button, click on Increase cyclospringer frequency. If the number is not 0.02xxx, repeat one more time.

If you want to know why this trick works, read on.

Middle and buttom buttons change numbers in each position of the sequence in opposite directions (i.e. cancel each other’s effects) when you press “up” except for the 1st position. This will switch the number in the 1st position to something else. If you don’t get 14.xx.xx the first time, you will get it the 2nd time when you do this.


Similarly, pressing the middle and top button “up” options change the numbers of each position in the sequence in opposite directions except for the 3rd position.


Just for reference, each button does the following to the sequence when you press their “up” (Increase, Boost, Enhance) or “down” (Trim, Reduce, Throttle) options. + is the up arrow and – is the down arrow in the images above.

  Up  Down
Top Button – – – + + +
Middle Button + + 0 – – +
Bottom Button + – + – + –
GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Goemm’s Lab Metrica Province jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Goemm’s Lab jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Goemm’s Lab is a jumping puzzle located in Metrica Province. The puzzle itself is fairly long and some stages can be a bit challenging. Luckily, there are checkpoints along the way that you can port back to if you die or fail a jump.


Puzzle Start

The puzzle entrance is found  just south of Cuatl Waypoint to the east of the map. There is a gap in the wall that you can pass through. You will need to do a mini jumping puzzle first to gain entry to the actual jump puzzle.


Puzzle walkthrough


The puzzle has four stages:

  • Windy Station
  • Stormy Station
  • Chilly Station
  • Goemm’s Lab

To get to the next station, you must take a small detour and attune yourself. Failing to attune yourself will wrap you back to the start of the puzzle when you reach the gate for the next stage. Once attuned, the buff lasts 19 minutes as long you don’t die. If you don’t make it to the gate the first time, you won’t need to take the detour to attune yourself again until the atunement buff expires.

Windy Station

This section is going to be a bit hard for a lot of people until they figure out the pattern for the wind gusts. First, lets talk about attunement. Not too far from the entrance, you will need to drop down onto these small rocks here rather than following the main path. At the end of the small rocks is an attuner device that will give you the attunement buff for 19 minutes. This buff will allow you to proceed to the next station.


. Now, go through the gate near the attuner device and you will be ported back to the main path.


We then come up to our first wind gust. What you want to do here is to wait for the first gust to pass, move to the middle of the two gusts and stop. Wait for the second gust to pass again, and then move past the second gust. Alternatively, if you have stability buffs, you can sort of cheat and just run through with stability.


After you get past the two horizontal gusts, you will need to get past the vertical gust. Make sure you stand perfectly parallel with the line as otherwise the vertical gust can push you off the rope. You will want to find the maximum distance you can stand from the vertical gust without getting pushed. Then, wait for a gust to come, and at the end of the gust just run immediately towards the rock in front.


The next part is a bit easier to dodge. There is a pattern to the gusts. You will get two short duration gusts, and then one long duration gust. There is a bit of time of between the end of the long gust and the start of the short gusts that is perfect for you to run through. Just patiently wait for the long gust to pass through and then run across the rope.


After that, just fight off the Vampire Bat and then just onto the rocks behind it to get access to the next station.

Stormy Station

The first part is also a bit tricky as there are lighting striking the platforms that you need to jump across. You can either time it and jump immediately after the lighting leaves the first platform or just jump through. If you do get hit by lighting, it will put you in combat but you can still make it to the next platform as the distance is not too far. If you have swiftness especially, just pop it and get through the platforms.


For your attunement, instead of running straight across when you get on the big branch, take this side branch here.


The next tricky part in the puzzle is this wind gust here that you will need to avoid. Just time it and jump over when the gust is gone.


Chilly Station

There is a general rule for this section of the puzzle – jump two platforms, wait for chill, and then jump.The chill debuff lasts for 5 seconds and will make you fail jumps.Just wait it out.


For the attunement, when you see the second ice elemental, turn around and jump on these small rocks instead.


Near the attunement device is a veteran ice elemental that will shoot ice bolts at you. If he hit you, you will be put in combat and may fail the jump. Use swiftness here if possible.

Goemm’s Lab

Goemm’s Lab is actually the easiest station. Just follow the steps up to the big room. Some of the jumps are rather small in distance so be sure to not over jump. You can skip Goemm by hugging the walls and grab the chest at the end!

GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Demongrub Pits Queensdale jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Demongrub Pits jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Demongrub Pits is a jumping puzzle on the SE corner of Queensdale. The puzzle itself is relatively easy and serves as a good introduction for future jumping puzzles. Players do have to beware that the last room with the chest has quite a few mobs and can be fairly challenging to fight them all.


Puzzle start

The puzzle starts at SE corner of Queensdale, in a place appropriately called Demongrub Pits. There are a few patrolling centaurs around the entrance so watch out if you don’t want to fight.  The waypoints are not too close to the entrance so you do need to run a bit.


Puzzle walkthrough


Once you get inside the cave, immediately take a right and make this jump here. It is quite a long distance so if you don’t make the jump just run back up.


This will put you into a room with a couple of stone blocks you need to jump through.


Doing these jumps will put you in a room with some shadow skelks, which you can skip by running to the right side of the room and look for a passage to the next room.


This will lead you into a passage that ultimately leads to the final room with the chest. There are quite a few oozes here. You can either fight them all (quite a few veterans) or run left and jump on the platforms. Beware that the oozes do immobilze you occasionally which can get a bit annoying.


Before doing the jumps, it is recommended that you kill the oozes following you to get out of combat (unless you have swiftness) as otherwise you might miss the jump.Once you at at the very top, you can drop down to the chest and avoid most of the oozes in the room.


GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Spelunker’s Delve Caledon Forest jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Spelunker’s Delve jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Spelunker’s Delve is a puzzle on the south east end of Caldeon Forest, just west of Sleive’s Inlet. The entrance is rather well hidden (hole in the ground hidden by a bush).


Puzzle start


Puzzle Walkthrough


Once you fall through the hole, you will need to swim through a water tunnel and you will emerge at the start of the puzzle. The goal of this puzzle is to jump through the mushroom/leaf pads and wood logs handing in the air. If you come across an intersection, always go left.


This is the first interaction you will encounter.


The second interaction is near the end of the puzzle, you will want to jump on the mushroom to the left rather than the log on the right.


GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Spekk’s Laboratory Caledon Forest jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Spekk’s Laboratory jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Spekk’s Laboratory is a jumping puzzle located on the west end of Caledon Forest, just west of Sandycove Beach. This is a timed puzzle that requires fast pace jumping but has checkpoints if you do miss a jump.


Puzzle start

You can get to the puzzle either via Mabon Waypoint in the north or Brigid’s Overlook Waypoint in the east. Follow the river near Sandycove Beach to the source and that should lead you to the puzzle start.


Puzzle walkthrough


The puzzle itself is very straightforward. You go to the control panel, activate it and transparent steps appear that you can jump on top of. These steps are timed and will disappear shortly. This means that you have to basically keep moving as stopping even for a moment can lag you behind and cause you to fall in the lava below.

The lava will kill you so it is recommended that you take off your armor to save on the repair costs. If you die in the lava, you will get a popup window that will port you back to main entrance. From there, talking to the Lab Assistant will port you back to a checkpoint.


Second to third checkpoint is a tough jump as you will need to jump quite a few steps before you can reach the third checkpoint. The key here is to not stop and just jump from one step to the other.

Fifth to sixth checkpoint is another tough one. Some of the steps are turned vertically so you will need to jump on the ledge to the left. The ledge itself isn’t very easy to navigate either. Try hug the left wall as a misjump can throw you down the lava below. Once you reach the end of the ledge, jump onto the step nearby quickly before it disappears.


Once you get past the sixth checkpoint, you will make it to the final platform. You will need to activate the four golems by using a control panel to your right (make sure you equip your gear if you took them off). The best way to fight the four golems is standing where Spekk’s was. This spot is safe from the lasers.


GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Morgan’s Leap Caledon Forest jumping puzzle guide

Guild Wars 2 Morgan’s Leap jumping puzzle guide in Caledon Forest with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Morgan’s Leap is a jumping puzzle in the SE corner of Caledon Forest. The puzzle itself isn’t too hard but can be a bit frustrating for those new to jumping puzzles. If you are looking to get the Dark Reverie achievement, be sure to not take off after you get the achievement for Morgan’s Leap as the puzzle is right after. Check out this guide for Dark Reverie jumping puzzle.


Puzzle Start

The jumping puzzle starts at the tree in Morgan’s Spiral, which is in the SE corner of the zone. If the tree is not active (leaves not climbable), you will need to wait for for an event to occur to activate it (you can try brute jumping it).


Puzzle walkthrough


Most of the puzzle is actually quite linear and straight forward once you get up the tree. The only portion of the puzzle worth mentioning is here where you need to jump on the rock and then onto the tree branch above it. Beware of narrow branches and make sure your double tap to evade is turned off in the options


GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Branded Mine Fields of Ruin Jumping puzzle guide

Guild Wars 2 Branded Mine jumping puzzle in Fields of Ruin with detailed explanation and video walkthrough. Branded Mine is a puzzle located on the NW corner of Fields of Ruin (just north of  Helliot Mine Waypoint). While most of the jumps are not too difficult, the screenshakes and the falling boulders can make you miss jumps. Failing a jump will usually result in death due to long fall distance and forces you to run back.


Puzzle start


Once you get to the location indicated by the arrow, there should be a small hole that will lead you to the cavern that hosts the puzzle.


Puzzle Walkthrough


Once you are inside the cavern, take a right and climb up the beams. From here on, you just have to jump between beams. It make take a bit of practice to not over or underjump between beams.


The part you may get stuck on is here. The next jump after is also kinda tricky.


You will then need to make a big leap of faith (use swiftness here if you need) and to the platform with ravens. Ahead is just a couple more beams before you finish the puzzle but can be a tricky (I failed here a couple times and had to start over).

You will want to jump on the inner side of the beams so that you have the least distance to jump and there is a beam underneath incase you don’t make the jump.