Population SWTOR

Some numerical population data for SWTOR servers

Hey everyone, server population and faction balance has always being a hot topic in SWTOR. In response to the surging demands in the early days of SWTOR launch, many servers were opened up to drive down the server queues.  Come March 1st, oceanic servers will be opened up, this will add quite a few servers to the already extensive sever list.

To my knowledge, there has being previously very little, if any, study on the actual SWTOR population for each server. Bioware has not released any actual numbers and 3rd party sites lack the tools to analyze the population effectively (i.e. offers a longitudinal examination of server load, but offers no insight to actual server population).

I have started a little project that will give some actual numbers to the population status on each of the SWTOR servers. This project is only completed for US PVE and RP-PVE servers. If there is enough interest, I can do the same for US PVP servers and maybe EU servers in the future. All the data are collected by hand, via creating two level 1 characters on each server and using the who list to record population numbers in each planet.