GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Branded Mine Fields of Ruin Jumping puzzle guide

Guild Wars 2 Branded Mine jumping puzzle in Fields of Ruin with detailed explanation and video walkthrough. Branded Mine is a puzzle located on the NW corner of Fields of Ruin (just north of  Helliot Mine Waypoint). While most of the jumps are not too difficult, the screenshakes and the falling boulders can make you miss jumps. Failing a jump will usually result in death due to long fall distance and forces you to run back.


Puzzle start


Once you get to the location indicated by the arrow, there should be a small hole that will lead you to the cavern that hosts the puzzle.


Puzzle Walkthrough


Once you are inside the cavern, take a right and climb up the beams. From here on, you just have to jump between beams. It make take a bit of practice to not over or underjump between beams.


The part you may get stuck on is here. The next jump after is also kinda tricky.


You will then need to make a big leap of faith (use swiftness here if you need) and to the platform with ravens. Ahead is just a couple more beams before you finish the puzzle but can be a tricky (I failed here a couple times and had to start over).

You will want to jump on the inner side of the beams so that you have the least distance to jump and there is a beam underneath incase you don’t make the jump.


GW2 karma

Fields of Ruin Karma vendor list

Fields of Ruin Karma vendor and heart/task list. Fields of Ruin is a level 30-40 zone SE of Plains of Ashford. It can be accessed by using an Asura gate in Divinity’s Reach (Rurikton district) or alternatively those who are feeling adventurous can access it via Blazeridge Steeps (40-50 zone) which is connected with Plains of Ashford.

Updated October 17, 2012

Very important, the level of the item you get from the vendor is the same level as the task. So if you are doing a level 14 task, then that vendor will sell level 14 items

1. Help the people of Ebonhawke (level 30)


2. Help Commander Varalyn and the Ebon Vanguard (level 31)


3. Help Forman Boslo care for Blackwing Excavation (level 31)


4. Help the Vanguard stall the ogre advance (level 32)


5. Harass the ogres of Foulbear Kraal (level 33)


6. Hold back the insurrectionists (level 33)


7. Help pacify Tyer’s Bivouac for settlers (level 34)


8. Support the human delegation (level 35)


9. Assist the charr delegation (level 36)


10. Help Rosko’s Ranchers (level 37)


11. Help the Iron Legion disrupt Renegade operations (level 38)


12. Contain the growth of the Dragonbrand (level 39)


13. Aid the researchers in their study of the Brand (level 40)