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GW2 Rebel’s Seclusion achievement guide

GW2 Rebel’s Seclusion achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Rebel’s Seclusion is a new achievement with the Halloween patch for an area in Fireheart Rise.

Rebel’s Seclusion is an achievement located in east side of Fireheart Rise, in a section appropriately titled Rebel’s Seclusion. To get to it, take the waypoint at Breaktooth’s Waypoint and you will find the entrance to the area NE of the waypoint guarded by Ascalonian ghosts and separatists.

You can either fight or run through the mobs (most are normal mobs). The chest and Rebel’s Seclusion achievement is located a on top of a hill guarded by Veteran Ascalonian Enchanter.


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GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Pig Iron Quarry Fireheart Rise jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Pig Iron Quarry jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Pig Iron Quarry is a jumping puzzle located on the SE portion of Fireheart Rise, just southwest of Pig Iron Waypoint.


Puzzle start

Head to this location on the map and cilmb up the wooden ramp.


Puzzle walkthrough


Keep going up until you are at the very top, you will see a friendly Grawl Priest to your left. Look to your right and you will see some wooden ramps attached to the cliff. Keep going that way until you see a line with stuff hanging down from it.


You may not able to make the jump to the 2nd swinging thingie. If that is the case, use these jumps to get up there.


Rest of the puzzle is simply jumping through the swinging thingies. You don’t need any swiftness buffs here but it may help for the last couple jumps. Beware of screenshake and wait it out before making the next jump (or you may miss it).

After you get through these swings, you will see a ramp to go up. Follow it up and you should see a Flame Legion Shaman guarding a large chest. Just hop on the edge and jump over. Beware that the Flame Shaman attacks will knock you off the edge if you are not careful!


GW2 karma

Fireheart Rise Karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 /GW2 Fireheart Rise Karma vendor/hearts list. Fireheart Rise is a level 60-70 zone far north of Plains of Ascalon.