GW2 Scepter skin gallery

GW2 Scepters gallery with a list of all the unique scepter skins available along with high res screenshots and their methods of acquisitions.

Last updated: Feb 12, 2014

Weapons requring high res pics

If you own any of these weapons I would love to grab a screenshot off you. Please msg/mail me ingame (IGN is Dulfy). US server only.

  • Ascended Wand (All but wupwup, black/orange, yellow, and red)
  • Snakeroot

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GW2 armor gallery (high res ingame screenshots)

GW2 armor gallery (high res ingame screenshots)

This page is designed to showcase all the armor models in Guild Wars 2 in a high resolution in-game screenshots. Currently it contains some of the light armor female models and will get populated with more stuff overtime.

Light Armor (female)

Student (chest and legs)

Source: Random drops in the starter zone (also called Linen), can also be crafted (tailoring 75+)


Magician (chest and legs)

Source: Random drops in second starter zone. Tend to be green items.


Apprentice (full set except shoulders)

Source: Random drops in second starter zone. Tend to be blue items. Also starter newbie armor set for light armor users.


Country (chest and legs)

Source: Karma Vendors in the second starter zone.


Dry Bones (full set sans gloves)

Source: Karma Vendors in the second starter zone and in Cendarran Fields, Field of Ruins


Embroidered (full set)

Source: Tailoring 0-50


Acolyte (full set)

Source: Tailoring 150


Winged (full set)

Source: Tailoring 225


Feathered (full set)

Source: Tailoring 300


Masquerade (full set)

Source: Tailoring 375


Stately (full set sans gloves)

Source: Level 45+ karma vendors (i.e. those ones in Bloodtide Coast, Timberline Falls).



Tactical (full set)

Source: Karma vendors in Fireheart Rise (level 60-70 zone)


Seer (full set sans gloves)

Source: Level 70ish exotics (Berserker’s Acolyte), obtained as map completion rewards from zones 60-70, 70-80 zones.


GW2 PvP armor gallery

Hey everyone, GW2 has a PvP locker in Heart of Mists that stores all the GW2 PvP armor you can earn. The outfits appears to have identical models to the PvE equivalents. For those who have seen my dungeon/cultural armor gallery, you can immediately recognize the some of the same models. What this means is that the PvP locker is a great way to see the kind of armor models available in GW2. Keep in mind that these armor can be only worn while doing structured PvP.

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