Patch 1.4 SWTOR

SWTOR patch 1.4 Dread Guard and Hazmat gear for Inquisitors and Consulars

SWTOR Patch 1.4 Dread Guard armor and Hazmat set stats for Light armor uses (Force Mystic, Force Master, Stalker, and Survivor. This new set is from Terror from Beyond, the new operation in patch 1.4 and features identical armor models and set bonuses as Campaign/Black hole set (although different color scheme).

endgame TSW

TSW Gear Planner by Wicked One

Hey everyone, this is a TSW gear planner developed by Wicked One to plan and edit your gear setup using the available ingame data.

Patch 1.3 PvP SWTOR

Free Recruit PvP gear in 1.3

In patch 1.3, you will given a free set of Recruit PvP Gear. Yes that is right, an entire set, for free! (restricted to level 50 characters)