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GW2 Goff’s Loot achievement guide

GW2 Goff’s Loot achievement guide

GW2 Goff’s Loot achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Goff’s Loot is a new explorer achievement added with Halloween patch to an area in northern Kessex Hills.

Go to Gap Waypoint in Kessex Hills and enter the cave north of (POI Goff’s Bandits). There is a locked door at the end of the cave and defeating the two veteran cave trolls (both have knockdowns) will open the door for you and grant you Goff’s Loot achievement + chest.


See Halloween Patch Explorer achievements guide for other achievements.

GW2 Halloween Patch Explorer Achievements guide

Here is a guide for the new GW2 explorer achievements introduced with the Halloween Patch. This is a work in progress and will be updated as more as discovered. A lot of these achievement locations are swarming with mobs with some are mini dungeons or mini-dungeon/jumping puzzle hybrids. Bringing a friend is highly recommended for this achievement hunting to avoid frustration!

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