GW2 karma

GW2 Iron Marches karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Iron Marches Karma vendor and tasks/hearts list. Iron Marches is a level 50-60 zone east of Diessa Plateau. It currently has two bugged heart merchants due to the bugged events in this zone. Their items will be updated as soon as I can access these two merchants.

GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Chaos Crystal Cavern Iron Marches jumping puzzle guide

Guild Wars 2 Chaos Crystal Cavern detailed jumping puzzle guide with full video walkthrough. Chaos Crystal Cavern is a jumping puzzle in the SW corner of Iron Marches, a 50-60 zone. The puzzle itself is fairly straightforward but can be frustrating at times. Luckily there is a shortcut that allow you to skip half the puzzle.