GW2 Beaker’s Empty Belly achievement guide

GW2 Beaker’s Empty Belly achievement guide with detailed instructions and video walkthrough. Beaker’s Empty Belly is actually a very easy achievement to acquire located in Lornar’s Pass. You need to head to the location of Griffionrook Run jumping puzzle to start this achievement but you do not need to complete the jumping puzzle to get this achievement. However, if you havn’t gotten the jumping puzzle achievement yet for Griffonrook Run, you might as well since you are in the same area.

GW2 karma

GW2 Lornar’s Pass Karma vendor list

Guild Wars 2 Lornar’s Pass Karma vendor/hearts list. Lornar’s Pass is a level 25-40 zone just east of Lion’s Arch.

GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Griffonrook Run Jumping puzzle guide

Griffonrook Run in Guild Wars 2 is a jumping puzzle located on the west side of the Lornar’s Pass. This is a guide for that puzzle with the most optimal route for carrying the bomb.