GW2 karma

GW2 Cursed Shore Karma vendor list

GW2 Cursed Shore Karma vendor list. Cursed Shore is a L80 zone in Orr. While this zone does not have any tasks/hearts, it does have 8 karma vendors that sell Fine/Mastercraft L80 gear for karma. This list does not include the temple karma vendors that sell armors for 42k karma per piece.


GW2 Cooking Material farms

Guild Wars 2 cooking material farms list with map and detailed instructions for every zone.”Farms” in GW2 refers to a collection of eight identical cooking material nodes all clustered together. They provide crafting materials that may not find elsewhere. Farm will reset every 23 hrs.


Agartha Map and portal locations

Hey everyone, recently a reader asked me to create a little guide for Agartha and I thought this would be a good idea as I had a lot of difficulty navigating the Agartha until I got familiar with it. In addition, I included the coordinates and map location of the Agartha portal in each quest zone as I see a lot of people asking for their location in general chat.