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A Look at the Razer SWTOR peripherals: Mousepad, Mouse and Headset

Hey everyone, Razer is a pretty common household name among MMO players. The Razer Naga is probably one of the most popular MMO mouse out there and highly praised for its functionality. The SWTOR line of Razer peripherals (mousepad, headphones, mouse, and keyboard) was launched in early Dec of 2011 to coincide with the launch of SWTOR and had been showcased in recent SWTOR related gatherings such as PaxEast 2012. As a SWTOR fan, I was very eager to see what the hype was all about and contacted Razer who kindly provided me with the mouse, mousepad and headphones to take a spin. I wrote this little review here in the hopes that it will help those still on the fence about purchasing these SWTOR themed peripherals or those who are shopping gifts for a SWTOR fan.