Rakghoul Pandemic Dynamic Event Guide–Updated Daily

Hey everyone, most of you are probably well informed of this event by now, but for those who are just doing it for a first time, this is a good starting place! The Rakghoul Pandemic a new dynamic event that started on April 15 on the planet of Tatooine. It involves a series of time limited quests about the Rakghoul plague! The rewards you obtain from this event are a title (Containment Officer prefix), 9 Codex entries, 2 Rakghoul vanity pets (Pale and Crimson) a full set of Containment Officer armor set (light armor), special Black Green color crystal, and infected Companion customizations!

This event is not restricted to 50s only. All of the quest mobs do scale to your level but beware that if you are too low to enter Tatooine, you might have a bit trouble with the local residents.

You might need to wait a day to pick up the new dailies if you did not do the dailies since day 1 of the event.

April 16 – New Daily – Passenger List, picked up the same place as the Stardream wreck.

April 17 – New Daily – Hybrid Strain, picked up when you killed Infected Sandpeople in the same area as [AREA DAILY] Outbreak and [DAILY] Blood Sample.

April 18 – New Daily – Pure Virus Sample, picked up in the same location as the Wreck of the Stardream in Dune Sea when you click on a Shipping Manifest.

April 19 – New Daily – Newly Infected, picked up in the same location as [AREA DAILY] Outbreak on a datapad.