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TSW Nightmare Ankh Dungeon Guide

Hey everyone, Ankh is one of the two new dungeons introduced in Patch 1.1 Unleashed. It is a bit more difficult than the previous three Nightmares and will require some gearing from them to succeed.

Testlive Patch notes TSW

Patch 1.1.1 Testlive Patch notes

Patch notes for Patch 1.1.1, schedule to be deployed ~ Aug 7

patch 1.1 TSW

TSW Patch 1.1 Consolidated Info

Hey everyone, patch 1.1 just arrived on July 31! This post is designed to consolidated all the information for Patch 1.1. so you can find it easily!

patch 1.1 TSW

An overview of the Tradepost Feature in 1.1

Hey everyone, this is a fairly short overview of the much anticipated tradepost feature in patch 1.1. Most of it is fairly self explanatory but I just wanted to point out this feature in case you are wondering how to use it etc.

Fashion patch 1.1 TSW

TSW- New hats and glasses in patch 1.1!

Hey everyone, patch 1.1 brought in the much request hats and glasses. They are all on sale at London Ealdwic Station (right outside Agartha exit). For women’s clothing, patch 1.1 has brought in some T-shirts and handwraps. I listed those at the bottom for those interested in viewing.

patch 1.1 TSW Walkthroughs

TSW- New Quests in Patch 1.1–spoiler free walkthroughs

Hey everyone, as you are probably aware, the July 31 Patch 1.1 for TSW brought in a couple of new quests for TSW, many of which are investigation missions. This page will have spoiler free walkthroughs for each of the new missions.

Flashpoints SWTOR

Flashpoint Guide: Kaon Under Siege

This guide is co-owned and first released on


Kaon under Siege is a new flashpoint for level 50s introduced with patch 1.1. It has a distinct “zombie” like theme and does differ from some of the previous flashpoints in terms of overall difficulty (bosses have no enrage it seems).