Patch 1.3 SWTOR

Preparing for patch 1.3: Some tips and pointers

Hey everyone, with patch 1.3 arriving next Tuesday a lot of you will be busy doing some last minute preparations. If that is the case, here are some pointers and tips to help you out! If you havn’t started yet, don’t worry, there is still plenty of time! (post semi inspired by this Reddit thread)

Patch 1.3 SWTOR

A look at the Group Finder and associated daily rewards

There is now the Group Finder Tool you can now access on your minimap. Most of it its fairly self-explanatory but those who havn’t seen how it works this should hopefully clarify it for you.

Patch 1.3 SWTOR

Consolidated Patch 1.3 Info

To keep things organized so that you have one page for reference instead of hunting down the individual posts, here is a consolidated list of all the patch 1.3 info on


Preparing for 1.3 – some tips and pointers (NEW)


Legacy Perks

Augment Slots/kits/system




Patch 1.3 PvP SWTOR

Free Recruit PvP gear in 1.3

In patch 1.3, you will given a free set of Recruit PvP Gear. Yes that is right, an entire set, for free! (restricted to level 50 characters)

Patch 1.3 SWTOR

Patch 1.3 Legacy Character Perks

Hey everyone, these are the legacy character specific perks (only unlocked for the character you are purchasing it on) for 1.3. it is divided into advancement, convenience, companions, and travel.

Updated: June 25- The latest PTS update lowered the prices on some of the perks in the Companion section and also changed the prices in Convenience section. Additionally, the Priority Travel cooldown was reduced to 6 hrs (from 9). These changes are reflected below.

Patch 1.3 SWTOR

Patch 1.3: The details we know so far

Hey everyone, there has being quite a lot of speculation over the contents and features coming with 1.3. We have received hints here and there from the development team via interviews, official podcasts and the Q&A. I thought it would be nice to summarize what we know so far about the upcoming patch 1.3 with actual quotes and information from the official source and curb some of the misinformation that is spreading out there.

May 21 Updated with some more images from the IGN interview/video!

May 22 – Andilus just pointed out some legacy changes in the new video that I have missed! Details below

May 23 – Just found out something else I have missed in the video – daily rewards for random flashpoints – you can get as much as 15 Black Hole and 5 Daily Comms per day! See below for screenshot.

May 27 – Updated with info from the May 25 Q&A and May 26 MCM Expo