Endgame gearing Patch 1.2 SWTOR

1.2 War Hero armor–High resolution in-game screenshots

Hey everyone, I know you guys have being asking for high resolution images of the new War Hero PvP gear ever since you saw those previews I posted. Thankfully, in addition to purchasing them via ranked Warzone Commendations, you can also craft these as empty orange shells! This took me a couple days as I had to level a synthweaver on the PTS. Luckily my alt, who also got transferred (by mistake hehe) is an armormech so I didn’t had to level an armormech as well.

Patch 1.2 SWTOR

Preparing for patch 1.2

Hey everyone, patch 1.2 will roll around soon (estimates for its deployment are early –mid April). This means that you have maybe about 1-3 weeks to be prepared for 1.2. What is there to prepare you ask? Plenty of things! If you are a huge overachiever, the next few weeks you will be quite busy!

Patch 1.2 PvP SWTOR

PvP gearing in 1.2

Hey everyone, with the coming of patch 1.2 in early April and the arrival of ranked Warzones, there has being a huge surge of interest in PvP. For many people who are not avid PvPers or keep up with the latest development on the Public Test Server (PTS), it can be confusing to know the PvP gearing changes in 1.2. This guide hopes to demystify all that and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the PvP gearing process in 1.2 and detailed stat comparisons between different PvP sets.

Update: March 29 – Latest update PTS saw a minor cost increase to Battlemaster and a small cost increase to War Hero armor (increase of 200-400 Ranked Warzone Commendations per piece)

Population SWTOR

Numerical SWTOR population data for US PVP/RP-PVP servers

Hey everyone! As promised, here is the population data for PVP/RP-PVP servers. If you are looking for the equivalent data for PVE/RP-PVE servers, you can find them here.

Remember, this is just cross-sectional (snapshot in time) population data – this is the data anyone without sophisticated software or a team of dedicated researchers would have obtained if they made level 1 characters on all the PVP servers and checked out the planet population numbers using the who-list window during peak times. It is not actual total population data but rather a representation of it. There are limitations with every study and every methodology – like everything else in life, take it a grain of salt!


Useful Warzone/PvP Info & Statistics

Hey everyone, ranked warzone will be coming in patch 1.2 (scheduled for March) so for many of you this might be a busy time to grind valor/commendations/battlemaster gear. Here is a list of compiled information on Warzone /PVP information that I think many of you will find handy. Most of the information is not from me but rather from other members of the SWTOR community and credits will be given where needed.