GW2 Halloween

GW2 Chicken Scramble achievement guide

GW2 Chicken Scramble achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Chicken Scramble is an explorer achievement introduced with the Halloween patch for an achievement obtainable in Bloodtide Coast, Queensdale, Gendarran Fields and Kessex Hills. This one involves opening chests in these zones to spawn Skritt burglars that will transform you into a chicken for this achievement. Like the other skritt burgler involving achievements, there isn’t one spot for the chest to spawn. Instead, there are a number of possible locations.


  • Press ctrl down while looking for these chests as it will highlight their names.
  • Best to do this with a friend so you can find the skritt burgler faster and reduce the waypoint costs
  • Do not use any pets/clones if possible as the skritt may transform your pet instead. This is especially a concern for rangers.
  • Focus on low damage attacks so you don’t kill the skritt burgler too quickly

Bloodtide Coast

Bloodtide Coast possible location #1 – north of Remanda Saltmarsh

Image and location submitted by Rbn, note that the second image in German.


Bloodtide Coast possible location #2  – east of Challdar Gorges

Image and location taken from DrRiceBowl with additional images/help from Pomphe DrakkarLake


Bloodtide Coast possible location #3 – east of Momoztli Grounds

Reader L Ch F was able to locate a skritt burgler spawning chest below the bridge at the indicated location not far from LA entrance. Thanks Theo for the verification.


Bloodtide Coast possible location #4 – Wraithwalker Woods

Reader Slur found a chest on the SE corner of Bloodtide Coast



Queesndale possible location #1 – east of Altar Brook Vale

Check these spots in Queensdale, submitted by reader BeerSeeker


Queesndale possible location #2 – west of Phinney Ridge– Unverified

Check the bear caves near Phinney Ridge


Queesndale possible location #3 – east of Township of Claypool

Start of the spider caves east of Township of Claypool


Queesndale possible location #4 – Olaf Escarpments

Submitted by Reader Xewell


Queesndale possible location #5 – Altar’s Windings (Queensdale)

Check both locations


Kessex Hills

Kessex Hills possible location #1 – Earthwork Bluff– Unverified

Check the entire camp, hold down ctrl to highlight any treasure chest nearby.


Kessex Hills possible location #2 – Manefire Hills

Check the tent with the Veteran Centaur Trainer


Gendarran Fields

Gendarran Fields possible location #1 – Traveler’s Dale

Submitted by Reader Omura Falk, this one is located on the SW corner of Gendarran Fields.


Gendarran Fields possible location #2 – Ascalon Settlments


Gendarran Fields possible location #3– Shiverspur Front


Gendarran Fields possible location #4 – Almuten Estates


Gendarran Fields possible location #5 – Blood hill Camps


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GW2 Halloween

GW2 Bad Neighborhood achievement guide

GW2 Bad Neighborhood achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Bad Neighborhood is a new explorer achievement introduced with the Halloween patch. It is obtained via visiting a pirate cave in Queensdale near Divinity’s Reach.

Go to Ojon’s Lumbermill Waypoint near SE of Divinity’s Reach. If you swim across the lake and follow the dotted line, you will see a door guarded by some pirates. Behind the door is a pirate cave and there is a platform up top with the chest + achievement. Beware that the bandits have a quick respawn and there are some veterans. Bring a friend for best experience.


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GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Demongrub Pits Queensdale jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Demongrub Pits jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Demongrub Pits is a jumping puzzle on the SE corner of Queensdale. The puzzle itself is relatively easy and serves as a good introduction for future jumping puzzles. Players do have to beware that the last room with the chest has quite a few mobs and can be fairly challenging to fight them all.


Puzzle start

The puzzle starts at SE corner of Queensdale, in a place appropriately called Demongrub Pits. There are a few patrolling centaurs around the entrance so watch out if you don’t want to fight.  The waypoints are not too close to the entrance so you do need to run a bit.


Puzzle walkthrough


Once you get inside the cave, immediately take a right and make this jump here. It is quite a long distance so if you don’t make the jump just run back up.


This will put you into a room with a couple of stone blocks you need to jump through.


Doing these jumps will put you in a room with some shadow skelks, which you can skip by running to the right side of the room and look for a passage to the next room.


This will lead you into a passage that ultimately leads to the final room with the chest. There are quite a few oozes here. You can either fight them all (quite a few veterans) or run left and jump on the platforms. Beware that the oozes do immobilze you occasionally which can get a bit annoying.


Before doing the jumps, it is recommended that you kill the oozes following you to get out of combat (unless you have swiftness) as otherwise you might miss the jump.Once you at at the very top, you can drop down to the chest and avoid most of the oozes in the room.


GW2 karma

Queensdale Karma Vendor list

Queensdale Karma vendor and tasks list. Queensdale is the L1-15 human starter zone.

Very important, the level of the item you get from the vendor is the same level as the task. So if you are doing a level 14 task, then that vendor will sell level 14 items

Updated: October 16, 2012

1. Help Farmer Diah (level 2)


2.  Help Fisherman Travis and Fisherman Justin (level 3)


3. Help Foreman Flannum (level 3)


4. Assist Farmer Eda (level 4)


5. Help Cassie around the Moa Ranch (level 5)


6. Assist the Seraph at Shaemoor Garrison (level 6)


7.  Help Lexi Price Protect the Trade Route (level 7)


8. Assist Laborer Cardy and Ojon’s Lumbermill (Level 8 )


9. Train with the Militia (Level 8 )


10. Assist Hunter Block and the Hunting Lodge (Level 9)


11. Help The Seraph Protect Claypool from Centaurs (Level 9)


12. Assist Fisherman Will and the Fisherman of Bettletun (Level 10)


13. Help the Monastery Brewers (Level 11)


14. Aid the Beetletun farmers (Level 12)


15. Support the citizens of Beetletun (Level 13)


16. Unite the ettins (Level 14)


17. Help Historian Garrod Investigate Godslost Swamp (Level 15)



Queensdale Skill ups, Tasks, POIs and Waypoints map

Queensdale is the human starting area. Information updated for live game.