Galactic Reputation Patch 2.6 SWTOR

SWTOR Kuat Drive Yards Reputation vendor items

A list of the items offered by the Kuat Drive Yards reputation vendor. This reputation is called Imperial Forward Command on the Empire side and Republic First Fleet on the Republic side.

cartel market Galactic Reputation SWTOR

SWTOR Interplanetary Component Exchange Reputation vendor items

A list of items offered by the Interplanetary Component Exchange reputation vendor. This reputation is gained via reputation earned from Starfighter packs.

Bounty packs cartel market SWTOR

SWTOR Bounty Supply Company reputation vendor items

List of items offered by the Bounty Supply Company reputation vendor. Bounty Supply Company is a new reputation that can be earned via buying Bounty Packs from the cartel market. The vendor can be found in Cartel Bazaar.

patch 2.3 SWTOR

SWTOR Bounty Broker Association reputation rewards

A list of rewards from the SWTOR Bounty Broker Associaton reputation vendors for the Bounty Hunting event scheduled to arrive in patch 2.3.

patch 2.0 reputation SWTOR

SWTOR Galactic Solutions Industries GSI Vendor

A list of items sold by the upcoming SWTOR patch 2.0 Galactic Solutions Industries (GSI) reputation vendor on Nar Shaddaa. Items includes mounts and two new suits of armor.