GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Spekk’s Laboratory Caledon Forest jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Spekk’s Laboratory jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Spekk’s Laboratory is a jumping puzzle located on the west end of Caledon Forest, just west of Sandycove Beach. This is a timed puzzle that requires fast pace jumping but has checkpoints if you do miss a jump.


Puzzle start

You can get to the puzzle either via Mabon Waypoint in the north or Brigid’s Overlook Waypoint in the east. Follow the river near Sandycove Beach to the source and that should lead you to the puzzle start.


Puzzle walkthrough


The puzzle itself is very straightforward. You go to the control panel, activate it and transparent steps appear that you can jump on top of. These steps are timed and will disappear shortly. This means that you have to basically keep moving as stopping even for a moment can lag you behind and cause you to fall in the lava below.

The lava will kill you so it is recommended that you take off your armor to save on the repair costs. If you die in the lava, you will get a popup window that will port you back to main entrance. From there, talking to the Lab Assistant will port you back to a checkpoint.


Second to third checkpoint is a tough jump as you will need to jump quite a few steps before you can reach the third checkpoint. The key here is to not stop and just jump from one step to the other.

Fifth to sixth checkpoint is another tough one. Some of the steps are turned vertically so you will need to jump on the ledge to the left. The ledge itself isn’t very easy to navigate either. Try hug the left wall as a misjump can throw you down the lava below. Once you reach the end of the ledge, jump onto the step nearby quickly before it disappears.


Once you get past the sixth checkpoint, you will make it to the final platform. You will need to activate the four golems by using a control panel to your right (make sure you equip your gear if you took them off). The best way to fight the four golems is standing where Spekk’s was. This spot is safe from the lasers.