GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Spelunker’s Delve Caledon Forest jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Spelunker’s Delve jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Spelunker’s Delve is a puzzle on the south east end of Caldeon Forest, just west of Sleive’s Inlet. The entrance is rather well hidden (hole in the ground hidden by a bush).


Puzzle start


Puzzle Walkthrough


Once you fall through the hole, you will need to swim through a water tunnel and you will emerge at the start of the puzzle. The goal of this puzzle is to jump through the mushroom/leaf pads and wood logs handing in the air. If you come across an intersection, always go left.


This is the first interaction you will encounter.


The second interaction is near the end of the puzzle, you will want to jump on the mushroom to the left rather than the log on the right.