GW2 Toypocalypse Wintersday guide

GW2 Toypocalypse Wintersday guide

Comprehensive GW2 Toypocalypse Wintersday guide with images. Updating for the 2013 release.  

How to Start

Head to Lion’s Arch Grand Plaza and talk to the Seraph Soldier. You will be immediately ported to a game of Toypocalypse similar to the way you join a sPvP game. Starting in 2013, you are able to do this with your friends in a group. Prepare to spend an hour if you want to get through all 10 rounds.



Basic Mechanics

Your goal is to protect the five gift dolyaks from the malfunctioning toys at the center of the map, you need to survive all 10 rounds against the toys to win. Each round last quite a few minutes.  Near the end of each odd round, Toxx shows up and you will need to defeat her.  .

Every two rounds, the toys increase the quantity.



You only regen health by standing near the fountain thingie surrounded by the dolyaks. Dolyaks can only be healed by picking up hay that spawn near them on even rounds (i.e. 2, 4, 6)



You have a choice between three weapons: Toysmasher (melee weapon that knocks toys around), Toy Cap Rifle (high dmg sniper rifle), Toy Repair Pistol (defensive pistol that stuns and make toys turn on each other). These weapons can be picked up at the entrance or near the gift dolyaks.

1 Hammer Swing/Bash/Smash 130 range, last one is an AoE attack
2. Toy Smasher 130 range, high damage knockdown for 2s
3. Toy Tosser Push back nearby foes with a staggering blow (knockback attack)
Toy Cap Rifle  
1. Big Shot Take down toys with a powerful single shot (2000 range)
2. Penentrating Shot Shoot through a line of foes (2000 range)
3. Rifle Buff Smack toys back with your rifle butt (130 range)
Toy Repair Pistol  
1. Stun Shot Stun your foe with a powerful shot (900 range, can spam it)
2.Reprogram Toys will fight their allies (1000 range)
3. Disorient Toys temporarily  move the wrong way (1000 range)
4. Decoy Drop a decoy to distract the toys


Destroy trees and buildings yield scraps that can be used to build defensive structures near the dolyaks. There are also snow on the ground from destroyed objects that you you can pick up to build stuff. You can upgrade these defenses to the super and then the mega level by picking up scraps/snow and running up to a snowman/wall/ballista/.catapult and press F to upgrade them.


Scraps allow you to build

  • Candy Cane Ballista (single target, low damage but rapid fire)
  • Snowball Catapult (high AoE damage but delay between shots)

Snow can be used to build

  • Ice Wall – good at distracting enemies
  • Snowman – slows down enemies and deals moderate single target damage

Skirtt mercenaries are also available for hire at the west side of the map. You will need 3 scrap per skritt.


Near north/south side of the map you can build mortars for 3 scraps – they operate like PvP/Engineer mortars and does an AoE that hit toys for 5k damage (thanks Kejoca for the info )


  • Build lots of defense structures – catapults, ballista, snowmen, wall and upgrade them! They will be able to protect the gift dolyaks better than you can!
  • Build walls on the ramps that leads up to the circular thingie where the dolyaks are. The toys can’t jump so they can’t get to the dolyaks if the ramps are blocked off


  • Best way to get scraps and snow is to use the Toysmasher and smash buildings, trees whenever you get a break.
  • Not all toys can be knocked around/stunned, toy golems, for example, are immune to them.
  • Pistol is hugely important, you can perm stun toys and turn them against each other!
  • Do not pull Toxx near the dolyaks, she has a spinning attack that will destroy nearby defense structures you built! The rifle is quite useful for Toxx as you can snipe her from afar.
  • You can take your time with Toxx by having one or two person kite Toxx around while the rest of the team build up defenses
GW2 Wintersday preview from press sites

GW2 Wintersday preview from press sites

Summary of GW2 Wintersday preview from selected press sites with information on the kind of activities you can expect for the next three weeks.

Looking for the Wintersday Event guide? Check it out here!


Wintersday Timeline

Original articles

Three new activities in LA (starts Dec 14 and last until Jan 3)

  • All three activities can be accessed via the mystic forge in LA, which is transformed into a giant snow globe.
  • Winter Wonderland – Brand new timed jumping puzzle, hard but less harsh than Mad King’s Clock Tower. Three different entrances, and frostbite to endure (damage over time, player is kicked out if they take too long). Puzzle is not instanced but the three difference entrances and wide path should eliminate some of the visibility issues with other players.
  • Snowball Mayhem – Brand new PvP Map, a capture the flag map. Players grabbing presents and bring them back to base. Players get to pick between three classes: Supporter, Scout and Heavy Gunner, each with unique skills. In addition, each profession also get one profession  specific skill. You get to throw snowballs, freeze other players in place, and use map based power ups.
  • Bell Choir: Three players team up to play three part harmony holiday songs or create their own. Players will be hitting notes as indicators come flying at them – i.e. Guitar Hero. Each song starts with a perfect score of 100 and every note you miss detracts from your score. There are several new Wintersday themed songs, as well as the Guild Wars 2 theme, and Fear Not This Night to play.
  • Visit Toymaker Tixx in LA once during the three week period to get a special toy that won’t appear in GW2 again.

City Tour & Toypocalypse (starts Dec 15)

  • In each city, Toymaker Tixx’s Golem Airship will reveal a special instance called Toypocalypse themed towards the city.
  • Every city has their own version of Toypocalypse gets more engaging/harder with each city.
  • Each instance will scale everyone to L80, it is a 5m instance that is designed to take 30m to 1hr to complete depending on group organization.
  • Tixx will reward players with blueprints unique to that race after instance completion. In addition, mobs will drop the crafting materials required by the blueprint.
  • If you miss out on a city, wait till Dec 20 where all the instances can be accessed via Lion’s Arch via a drop down menu.
  • Horde mode meets tower defense meets GW2 – you will face waves and waves of runaway toys, pick up resources to set up defenses (i.e. catapults), and keep gift-bearing dolyaks safe.
  • Players will have access to unique holiday themed weapons to combat waves of malfunctioning toys trying to assault Tix’s friendly Pack Dolyaks.
  • Toypocalypse will be hot joinnable through an activity server (i.e. sPvP maps)

Crafting & misc activities

  • 275 new crafting recipes, not all are themed around the holiday.
  • Craftable skins that are much more accessible and attainable. Weapons thremed after the weapons used by Tixx’s Toys
  • Snowmen to build throughout the world (similar to Pumpkin Carving in Halloween)
  • Presents fall from the sky all over Tyria except for Orr – boxes of gifts, goodies, and toy-making materials.These presents will spawn mini events when opened (i.e. similar to haunted doors in Halloween).

Black Lion goodies

  • New skins in the stores, different from the craftable ones.

WvW & sPvP

  • Siege items themed after Winterday such as ballistae that shoot candy canes.
  • sPvP themed finishers.

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