GW2 Magellan’s Memento achievement guide

GW2 Magellan’s Memento achievement guide

GW2 GW2 Magellan’s Memento achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Magellan’s Memento is a new explorer achievement obtained with the Halloween patch and is located on the SE corner of Frostgorge Sound. This achievement is fairly short and can be obtained solo if you are good at dodging red circles and can skip mobs.

Take the Arundon Waypoint at SE corner of Frostgorge Sound. From here, head NE towards the heart and then go SE once you reach the heart and look for a cave entrance.


Inside is a series of long tunnel with a couple of grawls. These grawls can be skipped and most likely won’t kill you. What you do have to watch out however, is the red circles on the ground. These red circles can almost instantly down you if you don’t dodge out of them.


Pretty soon, you will see Tattered Journals scattered on the ground. There are three volumes in total and the other two volumes can be obtained at the end.


You will need to defeat two veteran grawls guarding a makeshift gate to proceed further in the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a champion Giant Blue Ooze guarding a chest. Running towards will grant you the achievement!


GW2 Dark Reverie Caledon Forest jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Dark Reverie Caledon Forest jumping puzzle guide

Guild Wars 2 Dark Reverie jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Dark Reverie is a jumping puzzle in Caledon Forest  located right behind Morgan’s Leap. Players wishing to attempt this jumping puzzle will need to successfully attempt Morgan’s Leap first. This puzzle has one difficult jump but the rest are fairly straightforward. Missing a jump, however, will most likely cause death due to fall damage. If there are no players below to rez you, you will need to redo Morgan’s Leap to start the puzzle again.


Puzzle start

After you successfully finish Morgan’s Leap, you will need to run ahead past the friendly Jungle Spider Hatchlings and jump over a small gap.There will be a couple mobs (Nightmare Court Archers, Spiders) to fight through before you can jump down.


Once you get to the bottom, you will need to be super careful as there are quite a few veteran and small groups of mobs roaming. You will need to head straight across to the other side, where you will see a bunch of mushroom steps that go up.


Puzzle Walkthrough

Make sure you kill any Nightmare Mortars and Bursting Bramble you encounter along the way. Bursting Bramble, especially, will put Confusion and other nasty DoTs on you so becareful when killing them that you don’t kill yourself. Not killing them will likely put you in combat, which will most likely cause you to miss jumps.


Your first semi difficult jump is here, you will need to kill the Bursting Bramble first and jump on top the branch the Bramble was occupying. Arrows illustrate one path you can take here.


Another not so straightforward jump is here, which is close to the most difficult jump in the entire puzzle.


Once you get to this jump, your first instinct is probably to jump directly on top of the leaf (dotted line). A lot of people don’t make this jump and fall to their death (on populated servers, you can see a pile of dead bodies below, waiting to be rezzed). What I found easier is to actually jump on the branch instead and then jump up on the leaf.


Past this jump, the end is not far off and there are no more difficult jumps.

GW2 Twilight Arbor explorable dungeon guide

Guild Wars 2 Twilight Arbor explorable mode dungeon guide. This guide will cover all the paths with the best path selection for Deadly Bloom farming.  Twilight arbor explorable dungeon is a level 55 dungeon with three paths. Two of the paths are moderately difficult while the third one is severely overtuned, in both boss difficulty and trash difficulty. This dungeon is designed with anti-zerg mechanics in mind with only two waypoints (you don’t unlock the final waypoint until you kill the third boss) and volatile blossoms along the path to slow you down.

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