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GW2 Winter Wonderland Wintersday jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Winter Wonderland Wintersday jumping puzzle guide

A comprehensive written and video guide to the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle introduced as part of the GW2 Wintersday event. Updating for Wintersday 2013.

How to start

Talk to the Festive Youth standing near the Mystic Forge in the north portion of Lion’s Arch


Video Guide

Gingerbread Path

Quaggan Path

Snowman Path

Written guide

This is a timed jumping puzzle with three phases. The length of the jumping puzzle is just under 2 minutes. Players will continually taking frostbite damage through the puzzle and will get kicked of out the puzzle if their health reaches 0. In addition, phase 1 has its own timer on top of the overall timer as the platforms only stay up for a short period of time before disappearing into the thin air.

Phase 1 (Snowflakes)

There are three paths for phase 1, players can pick the  Quaggan Path, Snowman Path, or Gingerbread path. The difficulty for all three paths is relatively the same.The most difficult part of each path is probably the horizontal red beams as players will need to make sure that they don’t over or underjump. A lot of players either miss the jumps here or fail to swing their camera quick enough and jump in the wrong direction. A trick I sometimes find helpful if I can’t swing my camera fast enough on rapid turns is to side jump using the A or D keys instead of taking the time to orient my camera and pressing W + jump.


The snowflake platforms only stay up for a short period of time so if you will need to keep moving. Stopping a second or two to plan the next jump can cause the platform to disappear under you, resetting the puzzle.

Once you make paste the snowflake platforms, you will encounter red peppermint discs. While these discs won’t disappear under you, there is still frostbite ticking your health away. You will need to move fast and move onto the part with the exploding presents boxes.




There is a checkpoint introduced in the 2013 version which you can access by talking to Tixx and forfeiting your present. Your HP will also be healed to full here so you can relax a bit before proceeding.

Phase 2 (Present Boxes)

People have different theories about this part of the puzzle. Some believe that sticking to the right is safer while others believe that going straight is faster than diagonal etc. I tend to stick to the right side (seem to have the better luck there compared to the left) and go diagonal at first. Once I see nearby boxes about to explode, I start jumping straight across. You are jumping over larger gaps when you jump straight across but it is better than having a box exploding under you.


Phase 3 (Rolling snowballs)

Once you make it past the boxes onto the icy ledge on the other side, you can relax a bit. This part is all about timing but it is relatively easy to do so. Avoid the giant snowballs by standing on the peppermint discs on the side (you can dodge past the if you are desperate). Skritts will be firing red circles at you, failure to avoid/dodge them will cause you to get Chilled, which slow you down and cause you to lose precious seconds that can make you fail the jumping puzzle.

First, note the gust of wind coming from the right. This gust usually doesn’t bother me but you will want to watch out and not run head on into it. You can dodge roll through it if you are not certain. Getting hit by it will likely get you knocked off the platform or delay you by a couple seconds. This delay can be fatal as you may need to spend more time waiting on the snowballs to pass and not make it to the puzzle end before dying to frostbite.


If there is a snowball in front of you, wait for it to pass and then immediately jump on the peppermine disc behind it. This is a safe spot to wait for the next snowball to pass.


Once a snowball passes, immediately start running, you will be able to make it to this peppermint disc before the next snowball rolls over.


Wait for that snowball to pass over, then immediately run to this huge peppermint disc.There should be a snowball rolling as you are running across the disc. As soon as that snowball passes, start running towards the next peppermint disc.You will see skritt firing red circles at you but if you move out as soon as the previous snowball passes, the circles won’t affect you.


Wait on this final disc for the 4th snowball to pass, then head to this area on the right and start jumping to the end.This is the home stretch. As long you didn’t take too long to get to here, you should have just a tiny bit of health remaining.


Rewards: You get 1-3 Giant Wintersday Gifts for completing the jumping puzzle each time.


GW2 Wintersday preview from press sites

GW2 Wintersday preview from press sites

Summary of GW2 Wintersday preview from selected press sites with information on the kind of activities you can expect for the next three weeks.

Looking for the Wintersday Event guide? Check it out here!


Wintersday Timeline

Original articles

Three new activities in LA (starts Dec 14 and last until Jan 3)

  • All three activities can be accessed via the mystic forge in LA, which is transformed into a giant snow globe.
  • Winter Wonderland – Brand new timed jumping puzzle, hard but less harsh than Mad King’s Clock Tower. Three different entrances, and frostbite to endure (damage over time, player is kicked out if they take too long). Puzzle is not instanced but the three difference entrances and wide path should eliminate some of the visibility issues with other players.
  • Snowball Mayhem – Brand new PvP Map, a capture the flag map. Players grabbing presents and bring them back to base. Players get to pick between three classes: Supporter, Scout and Heavy Gunner, each with unique skills. In addition, each profession also get one profession  specific skill. You get to throw snowballs, freeze other players in place, and use map based power ups.
  • Bell Choir: Three players team up to play three part harmony holiday songs or create their own. Players will be hitting notes as indicators come flying at them – i.e. Guitar Hero. Each song starts with a perfect score of 100 and every note you miss detracts from your score. There are several new Wintersday themed songs, as well as the Guild Wars 2 theme, and Fear Not This Night to play.
  • Visit Toymaker Tixx in LA once during the three week period to get a special toy that won’t appear in GW2 again.

City Tour & Toypocalypse (starts Dec 15)

  • In each city, Toymaker Tixx’s Golem Airship will reveal a special instance called Toypocalypse themed towards the city.
  • Every city has their own version of Toypocalypse gets more engaging/harder with each city.
  • Each instance will scale everyone to L80, it is a 5m instance that is designed to take 30m to 1hr to complete depending on group organization.
  • Tixx will reward players with blueprints unique to that race after instance completion. In addition, mobs will drop the crafting materials required by the blueprint.
  • If you miss out on a city, wait till Dec 20 where all the instances can be accessed via Lion’s Arch via a drop down menu.
  • Horde mode meets tower defense meets GW2 – you will face waves and waves of runaway toys, pick up resources to set up defenses (i.e. catapults), and keep gift-bearing dolyaks safe.
  • Players will have access to unique holiday themed weapons to combat waves of malfunctioning toys trying to assault Tix’s friendly Pack Dolyaks.
  • Toypocalypse will be hot joinnable through an activity server (i.e. sPvP maps)

Crafting & misc activities

  • 275 new crafting recipes, not all are themed around the holiday.
  • Craftable skins that are much more accessible and attainable. Weapons thremed after the weapons used by Tixx’s Toys
  • Snowmen to build throughout the world (similar to Pumpkin Carving in Halloween)
  • Presents fall from the sky all over Tyria except for Orr – boxes of gifts, goodies, and toy-making materials.These presents will spawn mini events when opened (i.e. similar to haunted doors in Halloween).

Black Lion goodies

  • New skins in the stores, different from the craftable ones.

WvW & sPvP

  • Siege items themed after Winterday such as ballistae that shoot candy canes.
  • sPvP themed finishers.

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